Investor Report
S/N Name Of Enterprise Investing Country Products Web Address
1 CBC Optical Industries BD Co. Ltd. Japan Surveillance Camera Lens, Lens Packing Plastic Tray, Hook & Cap
2 Aesthetic Electronics Ltd. BANGLADESH Electronics & Electrical goods
3 ARL Apparels Limited BANGLADESH Garments
4 Arrow Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. BANGLADESH Garments
5 Bangladesh Pou Hung Industrial Limited HONGKONG,CHINA Footwear & Leather goods
6 BD Designs Private Limited INDIA Garments
7 Bestec BD Limited S. KOREA Garments
8 Bohemian Travel Gear Limited S. KOREA Furniture
9 Bureau Veritas Consumer Products FRANCE Miscellaneous
10 Campvalley (BD) Limited S. KORIA Garment Accessories
11 Champha Outdoor LTD. South Korea Tent, Slliping bag , all kind of bags and Camping Chair
12 Corvo Cycles Limited INDIA Metal Products
13 Denim Expert Ltd. NETHERLAND Garments
14 Eusebio Sporting(Bangladesh) Co. Ltd. TAIWAN,CHINA Garments
15 Finesse Apparels Limited BANGLADESH Garments
16 Garment Accessories and Packaging BANGLADESH Garment Accessories
17 Geebee (Bangladesh) Ltd. INDIA Garments
18 Genfort Shoes (BD) Limited TAIWAN,CHINA Footwear & Leather goods
19 Gesinha Outdoor Ltd Hong Kong, South Korea Camping Equipment & Accessories
20 Gokaldas Images (Bangladesh) Pvt. Ltd. INDIA Garments
21 Hela Clothing Bangladesh Limited SRILANKA Garments
22 HKD Outdoor Innovations Limited S. KOREA Tent
23 Hong Kong Denim (Pvt.) Ltd. BANGLADESH Garments
24 Intimate Apparels Ltd. HONGKONG,CHINA Garments
25 Kenpark Bangladesh Apparel (Pvt.) Ltd. SRILANKA Garments
26 Legend Textiles Ltd. BANGLADESH Knitting & other Textile pdt.
27 Leviathan Global Corporation U.S.A. Power Industry
28 LHOTHE (BD) Ltd Korea Garments & Tent
29 Liberty Poly Zone (BD) Ltd. BANGLADESH Garment Accessories
30 LM Masinara Asia Ltd. ITALY Metal Products
31 Mars Sportwear Ltd. BANGLADESH Garments
32 Mas Intimates Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited SRILANKA Knitting & other Textile pdt.
33 Nasco Textile Ltd. BANGLADESH Textile
34 Naturub Accessories Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. SRILANKA Garment Accessories
35 OFMA Camp. Ltd. S. KOREA Tent
36 Orchid Towels (BD) Limited BANGLADESH Terrytowel
37 Paolo Footwear (BD) Ltd CHINA Footwear & Leather goods
38 Park (Bangladesh) Company Limited S. KOREA Footwear & Leather goods
39 PH Creative (BD) Ltd. S. KOREA Tent
40 PH Garments Manufacturing (BD) Compnay Limited CHINA Garments
41 PRM Fashions Private Limited INDIA Garments
42 Resource Foam & Accessories BANGLADESH Garment Accessories
43 Shah Amanat Accessories Ltd. BANGLADESH Garment Accessories
44 Sheng Tseng Enterprise Co., Ltd. TAIWAN,CHINA Footwear & Leather goods
45 SOS Outfitters Ltd. BANGLADESH Knitting & other Textile pdt.
46 Strong Footwear Ltd. JAPAN Footwear & Leather goods
47 Trendex Furniture Industry Co. Limited TAIWAN,CHINA Furniture
48 Trident Cycles Company Limited TAIWAN, CHINA Metal Products
49 Valtex International BD. Ltd UNTD KINGDOM Metal Products
50 Vancot Limited BANGLADESH Knitting & other Textile pdt.
51 Ventura (Bangladesh) Limited BANGLADESH Garments
52 Votary Accessories Ltd. BANGLADESH Garment Accessories
53 Whitex Garments(Bangladesh) Pvt. Ltd. MALAYSIA Garments
54 World Ye Apparels (BD) Limited U.S.A. Garments
55 Xin Chang Shoes (BD) Limited TAIWAN,CHINA Footwear & Leather goods
56 Yi Zhan Industrial (BD) Co. Ltd. TAIWAN, CHINA Footwear & Leather Goods
57 Young Zhen Metal Industries Ltd. TAIWAN,CHINA Garment Accessories
58 ZANT Accessories Limited BANGLADESH Garment Accessories