Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) organized an open discussion meeting with investors of EPZs for the security the zone and to keep the investors & expatriates more secured today 21July, 2016 at BEPZA Complex, Dhaka. At the beginning of the meeting, Major General Mohd Habibur Rahman Khan, ndc, psc, Executive Chairman of BEPZA expressed heartfelt sorrow to the victims of Gulshan militant attack at Holey Artisan Bakery on 1st July, 2016.

In the inaugural speech Major General Mohd Habibur Rahman Khan said that regarding terrorist attack  on Holey Artisan Bakery, Government is taking steps to combat militancy by any cost and investigation is going on to find out the masterminds behind this barbaric attack on the innocent people. BEPZA will work jointly with investors to protect the zone safe & secure as well as residential areas where the foreign investors and expatriates are staying.

In this meeting, 60 investors from different EPZs discussed on security matters with BEPZA. The authority ensured the investors that it has taken adequate security measures for better security and safety of the zones; like- communication with highest level of law enforcing agencies & the local administration and request for the additional deployment of the security forces in the zones and also to the investors residential areas, uses of modern technology, detective instruments like archway, metal detector, car checking mirror are being introduced at the gate of each zone, ID cards of the workers are being checked by the security & BEPZA officials every day, 24-hour CCTV surveillance in the key points of zone & factory premises, 24-hours patrolling by BEPZA security, carrying bags & physical checking, prohibition  on unauthorized persons entrance in EPZs and so on.


Beside, introducing hotline in the EPZs as well as BEPZA for urgent  communication on security matters, planning to accommodate foreign investors inside EPZs, to take cautionary measures for entering the new job seekers inside EPZs, to deploy women security guard / answer for checking female, to check ID cards before bringing workers by vehicles, to beef up patrolling in the residential area, to fostering the activities of law enforcing agencies for security of the roads those are regularly used by the foreigners for coming to the zones and back to residence and to verify national ID card of employees and police verification if required are discussed in this meeting.



Finally, BEPZA Executive Chairman said that at present the terrorism is not only our problem rather it is social, national & global problem. So, all of us have to own the problem and should work together boldly against it. He requested all to be more watchful regarding unknown persons and any suspicious activities of our surroundings. The investors appreciated BEPZA for arranging this open discussion meeting and taking security measures. They assured BEPZA for utmost cooperation to continue the production activities of EPZs including security matters.

Mr. Abdul Halim Molla, Member (Investment Promotion), Mr. Md. Mosaddeque Ali, Member (Engineering), Mr. Md. Shawkat Nabi, Secretary, Mrs. Nazma Binte Alamgir, General Manager (Public Relations), Mr. Ahsan Kabir, General Manager (Investment Promotion), Mr. Md. Nurul Haque, General Manager (Enterprise Service), Lt. Col Md. Lokman Ali, General Manager (Security), Major Sajjad Hossain Khan, Deputy General Manager (Security & Intelligence) of BEPZA were present in the meeting.