Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) exceeded the export target in 2014-15 fiscal year. BEPZA have exported goods worth US$ 6113.49 million from the enterprises of eight EPZs against the export target of US$ 5700 million, which shows that EPZs have exported goods more than US$ 413.49 million crossing over the target.

In 2013-14 fiscal year, goods worth US$ 5525.31 million were exported from the operating industries of EPZs. This shows an increase of 10.65% in recently concluded fiscal year comparing with the previous fiscal year. In 2014-15 fiscal year, the enterprises of Chittagong EPZ exported goods worth of US$ 2383.76 million, Dhaka EPZ US$ 1997.50 million, Karnaphuli EPZ US$ 709.74 million, Adamjee EPZ US$ 467.40 million, Comilla EPZ US$ 274.63 million, Mongla EPZ US$ 84.26 million, Ishwardi EPZ US$ 108.26 million and Uttara EPZ US$ 87.99 million. Meanwhile, the cumulative export stands at US$ 46141.16 million as on June, 2015.

On the other hand, in 2013-14 fiscal year export earnings from Chittagong EPZ was US$ 2261.61 million, Dhaka EPZ US$ 1937.50 million, Karnaphuli EPZ US$ 526.85 million, Adamjee EPZ US$ 386.20 million, Comilla EPZ US$ 209.41 million, Mongla EPZ US$ 77.28 million, Ishwardi EPZ US$ 93.16 million and Uttara EPZ was US$ 33.22 million.

Mentioanble that, eight EPZs of BEPZA consist only 2307.27 acres of land. From this very little area, BEPZA is contributing a huge impact in the economy of Bangladesh. In 2013-14 fiscal year BEPZA’s contribution to the total national export was 18.30% but reached to 19.59% in the last fiscal year. This contribution is growing every year.