Recent Activities
Title Start Date End Date
Hong Kong-BD Garments Accessories Venture to Invest US$ 10 M in Adamjee EPZ  2014-04-02  2014-06-14 
Inauguration of Dormitory for the Female Workers of Japanese Company in Chittagong EPZ  2016-02-01  2016-05-01 
Inauguration of Fire Station at Adamjee EPZ  2016-08-11  2016-11-10 
Inauguration of Plantation Program to create Greenery DEPZ   2015-07-09  2015-10-11 
India-BD RMG Plant to Invest US$ 6.66 Million in Ishwardi EPZ  2015-09-22  2015-12-21 
Indian Navy lauds the activities of BEPZA  2015-02-25  2015-05-24 
Industrial sector of Bangladesh is a role model for Haiti  2016-09-27  2016-12-26 
Investment Seminar in AEPZ to promote 3 EPZs located North-Southern part of Bangladesh  2016-01-03  2016-03-15 
Investment Seminar in IEPZ to promote EPZ of North-Southern part of Bangladesh  2016-01-03  2016-03-17 
Japanese Business Delegation lauds the investment friendly working atmosphere in EPZ   2014-11-17  2015-02-17 
Japanese Printing Industry Delegations visit BEPZA Office  2015-02-15  2015-05-14 
Kuwait Army lauds the activities of BEPZA   2014-08-17  2014-11-16 
Launching Automated Digitalized Intelligent Barrier Gate in Dhaka EPZ  2015-01-14  2015-04-15 
Launching Computer Lab in BEPZA Public School & College of DEPZ   2014-08-15  2014-09-16 
Launching of CCTV Surveillance for Strengthen Security in Adamjee EPZ  2016-08-16  2016-11-15 
Meeting on APA Implementation & Future Work Plan of BEPZA   2016-04-03  2016-07-05 
Meeting with a High-level Team of the Government  2015-10-26  2016-01-20 
Mongla EPZ to be the Economic Hub of Southern Region: BEPZA Executive Chairman  2017-05-23  2017-08-23 
Must Group of Hong Kong to Invest US$ 30 M in RMG plant at Ishwardi EPZ  2016-03-07  2016-06-09 
PMO & BEPZA Meeting on APA to Achieve the Performance Target   2015-06-14  2015-09-13